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Pioneer Annuities

Jipange and get regular payments for the rest of your life!
School Care

What is offered

This plan allows clients to invest a lump sum in exchange for a stream of payments on a regular basis for a life time.

Benefits at Glance

Purchased by a one-off premium.

Regular payment lasts for a life time.

The Regular payments begin immediately and in arrears upon receipt of the lump sum.

Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually.

The Plan has guaranteed period between 5 to 20 years. During this period, the amounts are guaranteed to be paid whether the annuitant is alive or not.

The plan has an escalation option of 3% or 5 %

Single or Joint life (Spouse and/children) option is provided.

The regular payments are considered for taxation with an exemption on the first KES 25,000 per month. Annuitant who has attained age 65 is exempted from taxation.


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